Sunday, January 4, 2009

words of advice form a seasoned hotel clerk.

always bring some kind of air fresh with you when going to a hotel. The reason is... the rooms are closed up 99% of the day. the 1 % the door gets opened is when you walk in. They sometimes smell musty, and you never know when you need to spray the bathroom area since they are smaller then yours at home.

It is always, a good idea to pack a small towel with you. You never know why you will need it, but incase your hotel runs out of towels, you at least have a back up.

if your visiting a hotel, and the price is around 50 dollars. Remember your getting what you paid for. There are no alarm clocks, wake up calls, irons, or hair dryers with that price either.

be kind to your desk clerks, they hold the keys to any room that is shitty, and if your shitty your getting a shitty room.

when it rains, the pool closes. It is for your safety. Do not hop a 6 foot fence and try and say your an adult you can do what you want. Remember you have already paid me.. your not getting a refund.

it is not our responsibility to supply bathroom products to you. so the little bar of soap you get when you arive is the only sliver you will get through out your stay. I-the desk clerk, do not have any more, i cant make it happen for you, and I will get annoyed the more you ask for it.

poeple who cant live with out wireless internet need to learn how to visit mcdonalds more often.

If your lost because your directions are uncelar we understand. But if you get in the car and drive, and have no maps or directions, i will not help you. iF you insist on listening to some GPS system that doesnt always work in every area, then i definitly wont help you. KNOW where your going before you start out. WEST of disney means, WE ARE WEST of disney. do not say your going west... that dosent mean anything. WEST OF the interstate, crossing over the gates of disney, is WEST.

If the fire alarms go off, exit your room, with your key, and go to the lobby. we do not answer the phones when the alarms are going off. Have enough sense to get your family to a safe area, even if it is a false alarm. better be safe then sorry.