Monday, October 12, 2009

Security Guards

Security Guards, are NOT, I repete ARE NOT police officers.

IF you get paid minium wage, do not have a weapon, and wear a t-shirt to work, YOU, should mind your own business.
Please do not try and play cops and crack dealers. Do not try and "set someone up" Please do not try and act like you are 7'0 400# and wear a bullet proof vest or live in a large unbreakable bubble. Something bad will evenchuly happen to you. Crack dealers and users can be smart on occasion, and figure things out. THey will soon find out you are in cahoots with the police and Roll your head down the hallway like a little bowling ball. If you do not answer your radio, when I call you with in a 2-3 minute time frame, I will assume you have been pulled into a room and are getting the shit beat out of you. I WILL NOT help you, or call the police for you, YOU did this to yourself, get yourself out of the mess.

OH and trim your mustache, you look like a monopoly character!