Thursday, February 9, 2012


I just heard my boss say several things

1. I can vibrate you better then that (speaking of a massage chair)

2. turn off the lights(an order barked at me), listen to silence, listen to the water falls.

3. give me money to make them vibrate (another order barked at me, and money out of my cash drawer)

4. turn off the tv (the 3rd order barked)

all the wile, his creepy friend with a weird raspy voice was laughing (i will have nightmares from that sound now) He was also hitting on the same girl as my boss, when there were 2 girls there. Either way, both girls were attractive, but, older then they acted, and trashier then they appeared (especially if they came back to a hotel with my boss)

and the biggest shocker was.. the 36 pack of condoms in the bag from the gas station he was carrying around.

I swear to God, he better never talk to me about professionalism.