Friday, January 16, 2009

Rom- a- da

Middle Eastern people crack me up. I love there American accent's sometimes fall short and you have to decipher what they are trying to say. My hotel is across from two Ramada hotels. I don't know why they have 2 in the same area, but this is the way it is.

My hotel is not hard to find, however, you need to be looking for it. The sign is WAYYYY up in the air, and we share a parking lot with a steak house. Wile giving directions, we usually say, we are next to the Ramada that has blue florcent around the building. But when foreigners come, they say which ROM A DA are you? and it always takes you back for a second, before you start to laugh. ROM A DA??? OH RAMADA raaaaamaaaaaadaaaaa. We are not some "Jewish holiday" we are a hotel... Keep looking until you find us.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

all about my shift

I work the over nights. Typically that is when most Americans are sleeping. From the hours 11pm-7am you will find me bright eyed and bushy tailed, being a smart ass to people who ask me weird questions. The past few nights though, I have been exhausted, and not so into a good sleeping pattern at home. I'm chalking this up to a co worker getting me sick, first time in 6 years. I have completed my work no later then 2 am and have taken little snoozes during the night. All this would be o.k. if I wasn't down and out snoring loudly and waking my self up. I have been Checking people out and not even remembering it, answering phone calls and transferring calls. I suppose these little naps aren't helping my day time sleeping either, so they have to stop, I suppose.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Car Problems

Please be cautious when taking your luggage out of your vehicle. We are a hotel, not AAA, or a mechanic. Make sure you have your car keys in hand before closing the last open door. Do not stand there screaming at me, that I better help you. Do not scream at other guests and throw a fit like a child. YOU! YOU, have done what is done, and I can not open your car magically. However, before I took anger management classes, I would have gladly thrown you through the window. Now, take your issues and move away from my desk area, I don't care about you any longer.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

words of advice form a seasoned hotel clerk.

always bring some kind of air fresh with you when going to a hotel. The reason is... the rooms are closed up 99% of the day. the 1 % the door gets opened is when you walk in. They sometimes smell musty, and you never know when you need to spray the bathroom area since they are smaller then yours at home.

It is always, a good idea to pack a small towel with you. You never know why you will need it, but incase your hotel runs out of towels, you at least have a back up.

if your visiting a hotel, and the price is around 50 dollars. Remember your getting what you paid for. There are no alarm clocks, wake up calls, irons, or hair dryers with that price either.

be kind to your desk clerks, they hold the keys to any room that is shitty, and if your shitty your getting a shitty room.

when it rains, the pool closes. It is for your safety. Do not hop a 6 foot fence and try and say your an adult you can do what you want. Remember you have already paid me.. your not getting a refund.

it is not our responsibility to supply bathroom products to you. so the little bar of soap you get when you arive is the only sliver you will get through out your stay. I-the desk clerk, do not have any more, i cant make it happen for you, and I will get annoyed the more you ask for it.

poeple who cant live with out wireless internet need to learn how to visit mcdonalds more often.

If your lost because your directions are uncelar we understand. But if you get in the car and drive, and have no maps or directions, i will not help you. iF you insist on listening to some GPS system that doesnt always work in every area, then i definitly wont help you. KNOW where your going before you start out. WEST of disney means, WE ARE WEST of disney. do not say your going west... that dosent mean anything. WEST OF the interstate, crossing over the gates of disney, is WEST.

If the fire alarms go off, exit your room, with your key, and go to the lobby. we do not answer the phones when the alarms are going off. Have enough sense to get your family to a safe area, even if it is a false alarm. better be safe then sorry.


Walking into work tonight I knew it was going to be a bad night. Does a lady, moaning in agony, and acting all crazy count as bad? Probably not. She was stretched out on the floor, no one could get into the bathroom, and I was told not to call emergency. My fear was she wasn’t acting, but the minute anyone said anything to her, she was miss. All bright & sunshine day. So I realized quickly that she must not be mentally stable.

Oh, I also had a guest place a used condom wrapper on my desk, and yell at me that his kids found this under the bed. Now here is my thinking... who looks under the bed in a hotel? Who looks under the bed at home? Well, I look under the bed at home, but it is to find my dog and the toys he may hide under there. But typically no one does this. I don’t understand why he felt the need to hold this wrapper, in his hand and bring his 7-9 year old son with him to the desk?


I find this to be another funny story that would/could only happen in my life, as a front desk clerk.
Here is the scene:
There was someone checking out, Jessica was helping him. I was counting my bank, and Seida was in the lobby area. Esire, was in the bathroom.
Esire comes busing into the front desk, and says "someone is dead in the bathroom" I try not to freak out, and almost think she is joking. But we had all been sitting at the front desk since 11pm so I know NO ONE has crossed our paths, to go into the bathroom. And none of us used the bathroom in that time either. SO, Me Esire, and Sieda, all go to the bathroom door. "hello? anyone in the restroom?" " is everything OK in here?" we finally here someone muffle around and say, yes everything is o.k.... but in my heart I knew something wasn't o.k. I decided to call police. He comes a few min later and he is almost afraid to go into the bathroom as well. I find this comical in a way. Anyway, he says Sheriff's police, please come out of the stall. The person does and then washes her hands, and shoves napkins into her pockets. she tries to walk past us. Us in being... me the cop and Sieda. ME being closest to this woman.
The cop asks her if she has a room here, no she didn't. So he starts walking her out of the building. She says she is there for the breakfast. God knows our breakfast isn't THAT good. He eventually makes her go away. She was homeless, but the funny part to me was after all said and done, Jessica says, oh I saw her around 6pm in the lobby area. SO she has been here since 6pm??? no ones been in the bathroom since 6? its now 2 fricken AM. Esire then says, we called her a cab on Wednesday, when the cab showed up she walked away. I guess they also saw her on Thursday... she must have been living in the bathroom since Wednesday!!! WEDNESDAY people, WEDNESDAY... its now Friday.. has no one noticed that the handicap bathroom was occupied since WEDNESDAY!?!?
ha ha, so Sunday morning, I talk to Angii, the morning desk clerk, and tell her the "story" she says, oh yeah I know that lady she is weird.... to say the least. I guess Angii saw her putting on make up Wednesday morning in the bathroom, and she was hanging around the lobby area so no one ever thought that she was homeless. They figured she was a guest, because she even asked about the free shuttle to Disney and everything.


I have been looking at blogs differently for awhile now. I found a few that focus on children, and gardening, and travel. I even found a waiter who hates his job, and writes all the silly stuff people request wile him is serving them. Let me just say that he is writing books, winning awards, and making money off his blog. Is there a small possible way that I could write a blog about hotel hell and make money for it? I mean, I do have some pretty incredible stories of the shit that happens to desk clerks. I think, I could write an entire book right now, in one sitting, just on this month job alone. Let alone, HOJO, Disney, and Hampton Inn. I could have best sellers of HOTEL HELL Touristville... and Hotel Hell, Chicago. I am thinking... maybe just maybe turning, a passion of working in hotels, writing and crazyness into momma getting a new pair of shoes!