Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have been looking at blogs differently for awhile now. I found a few that focus on children, and gardening, and travel. I even found a waiter who hates his job, and writes all the silly stuff people request wile him is serving them. Let me just say that he is writing books, winning awards, and making money off his blog. Is there a small possible way that I could write a blog about hotel hell and make money for it? I mean, I do have some pretty incredible stories of the shit that happens to desk clerks. I think, I could write an entire book right now, in one sitting, just on this month job alone. Let alone, HOJO, Disney, and Hampton Inn. I could have best sellers of HOTEL HELL Touristville... and Hotel Hell, Chicago. I am thinking... maybe just maybe turning, a passion of working in hotels, writing and crazyness into momma getting a new pair of shoes!