Sunday, January 4, 2009


I find this to be another funny story that would/could only happen in my life, as a front desk clerk.
Here is the scene:
There was someone checking out, Jessica was helping him. I was counting my bank, and Seida was in the lobby area. Esire, was in the bathroom.
Esire comes busing into the front desk, and says "someone is dead in the bathroom" I try not to freak out, and almost think she is joking. But we had all been sitting at the front desk since 11pm so I know NO ONE has crossed our paths, to go into the bathroom. And none of us used the bathroom in that time either. SO, Me Esire, and Sieda, all go to the bathroom door. "hello? anyone in the restroom?" " is everything OK in here?" we finally here someone muffle around and say, yes everything is o.k.... but in my heart I knew something wasn't o.k. I decided to call police. He comes a few min later and he is almost afraid to go into the bathroom as well. I find this comical in a way. Anyway, he says Sheriff's police, please come out of the stall. The person does and then washes her hands, and shoves napkins into her pockets. she tries to walk past us. Us in being... me the cop and Sieda. ME being closest to this woman.
The cop asks her if she has a room here, no she didn't. So he starts walking her out of the building. She says she is there for the breakfast. God knows our breakfast isn't THAT good. He eventually makes her go away. She was homeless, but the funny part to me was after all said and done, Jessica says, oh I saw her around 6pm in the lobby area. SO she has been here since 6pm??? no ones been in the bathroom since 6? its now 2 fricken AM. Esire then says, we called her a cab on Wednesday, when the cab showed up she walked away. I guess they also saw her on Thursday... she must have been living in the bathroom since Wednesday!!! WEDNESDAY people, WEDNESDAY... its now Friday.. has no one noticed that the handicap bathroom was occupied since WEDNESDAY!?!?
ha ha, so Sunday morning, I talk to Angii, the morning desk clerk, and tell her the "story" she says, oh yeah I know that lady she is weird.... to say the least. I guess Angii saw her putting on make up Wednesday morning in the bathroom, and she was hanging around the lobby area so no one ever thought that she was homeless. They figured she was a guest, because she even asked about the free shuttle to Disney and everything.