Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It seems we still need to cover a few things with the check in process at The Best Fricken Hotel In America.

When you approach the the desk, at any hotel, best thing to do is state the name of the person who has made the reservation. Plain and simple!

We don't  need or want to look at your phone. In fact if you are handing me a phone, I am going to assume that it is a gift, and that you will keep paying the bill for me. BONUS ME!

I am happy you took the time to print off a few pages from the internet. What you are showing me, is directions and something that has information about my hotel on it. Yeah, Thanks but no thanks. I know where I am at, and I know ALLLL about my hotel. I am not lost, so you really shouldn't have printed me anything. Your name will suffice.

Giving me YOUR name will not help, UNLESS it is YOU, who has made the reservation. How do I know that you are rooming with Mr.Dipshit, when he hasn't even listed more then one person in the room? It's OK to say I am rooming with Mr. Dipshit, I am his Lover Dumb Shit, he is parking the car. At least if you gave me the correct name I can start on the paperwork. Instead I end up pissing YOU off because I didn't know who you were or who you were with.

So, does everyone have it now? State the the name of the person who has made the reservation.

Thanks, have a nice day

Monday, April 30, 2012

Still Funny

 Here is a very basic conversation that went from ok.. to horribly funny in about a minutes time.

Me: Pick up on A side

Driver: Marrrrrshsssa! (they always overly say my name)  Yes, pick up

Wait 10 minutes.....

Driver: Marrrrrrrrshsssa, you say A side?

Me: Yes, A side

Driver: A?

Me: Yes, A as in Apple

Me: A as in AIR that you breathe ( or wont be when I see you)

ME: A  as in ASS hat.

Driver:  Maarrrrrrrrsssha, It's me Leo ( Like I didn't know it was you?) did you say A side? It sounds like your saying A

Me: YES! AAAA  ---A  as in ORANGUTAN!!!!! ( Also said as a  mater of fact that I could never be wrong)

Blink.... Blink... 2 seconds for me to process what I just said

Oh, umm that starts with an O

Yes Leo A side, Please.

Baahhhwahhhhaaaahhhhhh we are still laughing about it a few days later. 

 Just proves that sometimes, even I make mistakes, but at least I am funny when I do it.