Monday, April 30, 2012

Still Funny

 Here is a very basic conversation that went from ok.. to horribly funny in about a minutes time.

Me: Pick up on A side

Driver: Marrrrrshsssa! (they always overly say my name)  Yes, pick up

Wait 10 minutes.....

Driver: Marrrrrrrrshsssa, you say A side?

Me: Yes, A side

Driver: A?

Me: Yes, A as in Apple

Me: A as in AIR that you breathe ( or wont be when I see you)

ME: A  as in ASS hat.

Driver:  Maarrrrrrrrsssha, It's me Leo ( Like I didn't know it was you?) did you say A side? It sounds like your saying A

Me: YES! AAAA  ---A  as in ORANGUTAN!!!!! ( Also said as a  mater of fact that I could never be wrong)

Blink.... Blink... 2 seconds for me to process what I just said

Oh, umm that starts with an O

Yes Leo A side, Please.

Baahhhwahhhhaaaahhhhhh we are still laughing about it a few days later. 

 Just proves that sometimes, even I make mistakes, but at least I am funny when I do it. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My review

This is a Review about my hotel, and ME. It is on another web page, I copied it and will fill in the missing pieces of her story, because obvisouly she left out a lot. My comments will be in red, and stated how I feel about the situation. None of this reflects on the hotel I work for, or the people associated with it. Thus, no actions can be taken upon me for my feelings and personal thoughts. This blog is my personal opinions, and even though material was taken from a public web sight, my Blog is not public.

 We checked in for one night after staying in Walt Disney World (Port Orleans) whoopdee dooo for you since we had an early flight the next morning (7:30am) and the kicker was that we didn't realize it was daylight savings time (the Hotel signs posted everywhere reminding us, which was good Because we are awesome like that). To start off, we ended up at the airport to be picked up to check into our hotel.If you were at disney why didnt you pay to stay there one more night, and take there shuttle in the morning? OH BECAUSE YOUR A DUMB ASS.  When I called to be picked up, the associate told me where to go to meet the van and they would be there in 25 minutes. I arrived at the area within a few minutes of the stated time and there were a few other guests waiting in the same area. When the van pulled up, we stood in line at the back of the van to give the driver our luggage. My 3 year old was sleeping in his stroller because it was pretty late (10:30pm). A bunch of other people rushed the van and jumped in with their luggage instead of giving it to the driver in the back. I kept wondering how all of us were going to fit in this van as there seemed to be more people than seats. The driver talked to another hotel van driver and asked him to take the 4 of us to our hotel after dropping off at his hotel.It was our shuttle company, and that driver works for the Ramada,  which is a mile away. So off our luggage went with the Best Western driver while we went with this driver. I was worried about losing our luggage but when we finally arrived at the hotel (about 20 minutes later),thats how long it takes to get from the B side of the airport to our front door the driver was there with all luggage. You pulled up right behind our shuttle My first impression of the lobby was that it was kinda dated but a 60's / 70's kinda cool look We purchased everything from IKEA 2010 its called Retro Lady- a large white leather sofa in the lobby and some massage chairs that you could pay for a specified time. My 6 year old loved it However you screamed at him when he asked if he could try them. When we checked in, I told the associate that I needed to take the shuttle to the airport the next morning. She asked when our flight was and gave us the 5am or 6am shuttle choice. I said 6am but asked her if she thought it would be enough time but she suggested the 5am instead.I MUST suggest 2 hours in advance, like the airport suggests I was indecisive Is that what you call it? at the time and there were others waiting to check in Just one other so she told me to just call downstairs when we decided. OK STOP. As a seasoned desk clerk  I saw a situation going on, and i thought you would be more focused if you just got to the room, and thought about it for a second. You kept screaming at your husband from across the lobby, and the poor guy didnt know if he should hop skip or jump for you.  We got to our room and got the kids settled and then called the front desk (about 30 to 45 mins after checking in) 1 hour later to inform them of our decision to take the 5am shuttle to which they said, sorry, it is all booked being 12am, you were about the last people to check in, you saw what happened at the airport when you checked in. Don't you think others will be flying, and since you didnt take your personal jet, that perhaps, others would be going with you at on this shuttle?  and they would put us on the 6am shuttle even though they only had space for 3 people but since we had kids  3 and 6 year old should fit on the bench seat with you in the back, she figured they could sit together in one seat. I was very upset because (1) at the time of check in, she did not mention that I needed to make a quick decision as the shuttle could fill up,  again, you were to busy being a bitch at the desk, and barking orders  you just saw what happened at the airport, you shuld have assumed. (2) I had called the hotel several times before booking inquiring about the shuttle and no mention was made that they could only take 10 guests per hour, technically its 20 guests per hour, 10 every 1/2 hour. (3) my decision to stay at this hotel was the free guest shuttle to the airport as advertised its not free, you technically pay for it in the price of a room. (again, no mention of maximum guest capacity of 10 per hour). The associate informed me we could take the 6am shuttle or they can call a cab for us to go at our leisure and that would cost us $18 that we had to pay.if our shuttle is full, and you want to go at a certain time, then the going rate is $18.00 by taxi.  When I called her back to, yes, complain, that there was no mention about the guest capacity, she replied "Ma'am, we have to have some sort of control of the shuttle since we have 95 rooms how could we take everyone to the airport at the same time and we need time to take everyone there and back which takes 15 minutes each way"This is honest truth, i did say that maybe not exact but similiar. I replied that I was not aware of the maximum and that I assumed they got more shuttles as needed for the guests since it was not advertised with a limit. I asked if they would pay for my taxi but she said no we state every hour on the hour, if your time does not fit into our time then you go by taxi. I said that was fine and that I would just write my review of the hotel when I returned. When I called back to get the taxi number (as I didn't trust her to arrange the taxi for us since she was mad at us about this whole situation I was never mad, I  found you annoying) and I also asked to speak to the hotel manager at Midnight, its yours truely ONLY. She said there was not a manager on duty and when I asked his name MY supervisior is a woman, and i told you her name 3 times and you acted like you were writing it down. , she said she was looking into getting another shuttle for us at 5:30am.You obviously could not tell that I was trying to help you, and your nasty attitude.  She then called us back within minutes 3 minutes to be exact that she arranged at 5:30am shuttle.A thank you would have been appreciated. AND the Bitch attitude should have been dropped at this point.  We thanked her for doing this NEVER ONCE SAID THANK YOU. and asked for a 5am wake up call (mind you it was 12:30am at this point and 5am was 4am with the time change)So technically 12:30 was 11:30. I went in the bathroom to take a shower - the towels were very thin and not soft at all Granted our towels could be better, but they are not thin. . There was also a sign stating that they inventory all linens at guest checkout and we would be charged for anything missing.  the same sign in ANY hotel, usually on the back of the bathroom door. They also have that sign at DISNEY The bathroom was okay - didn't notice anything actually dirty but again, it was dated. A good thing, the bathroom was large - possibly since we booked a "handicapped equipted" room for an additional discount. Because that is rude, and what if there was a handicapped guest who really needed that room? YOUR SHELFISH and I hope you never have to be handicap.  The rest of the room had old furniture - probably from the early 80's Our hotel is only 10 years old, and has basic standard hotel furniture.  and there was no remote control for the tv in the room which I found odd It is white, and blue, and ONTOP of the TV. There was a personal computer to use right in the room which is a bonus but we didn't use it. Not sure if there were fees for it or not.COMPLIMENTARY- and since you were on our web sight so much you must have missed that?

 Lastly, to the wake up call, or should I say, calls. I still didn't trust the associate on the wake up call and worried some about the shuttle but I would deal with that if it became a problem in the morning. So I set the alarm clock in the room, set my cell phone alarm and asked for the 5am wake up call. I didn't fall asleep until after 1am and at 2am we had a wake up call. I answered, and hung up figuring, yes she was mad at me about the shuttle business and threatening to write the review. I knew if I mentioned it, she would say, that was an mistake, must have put 2am instead of 5am. Now, I was so tired that I don't remember this one but my husband said we got another wake up call at 4am - I guess I was so tired, I didn't hear that one. And, at 5am, we got the one we needed. So, I guess she got her revenge on us - good for her  OK, here is my side of this part of the story.  It was daylight savings time. I had to change the time on the telephone"machine"  and for some reason, that rang EVERY room in the hotel. I did not know that, that was going to happen, other wise we would have changed the time earlier in the day. I started receiving calls from every guest about the miscellaneous calls, and so that made ME think, and wonder what was going on. I checked the wake up calls and not one was in the system. I had to reset all the wake ups again, but some how as I was putting them into the system, it was ringing each guest.  Finally after 3am, the system started acting normal, and I was able to put in the wake up calls once again. So a total of 3 times that night I put in about 20 wake up calls. I was not trying to get revenge, i was not trying to be an asshole, I was doing my job. The phone system was having problems, its a computer, and with changes as in DLST, its bound to act up.

Over all, from the moment this guest walked in, she was a bitch. I dont know what her problem was, but it wasnt me, or my hotel. I assume she has controll issues and likes to run the show, and if things dont go her way she gets angry. I actually went out of my way to help her get a shuttle at 5:30. Technically she  asked for a 5:30 shuttle when she first inquired, so that should have made her a little less bitchy. She never checked out at the desk, didnt look my way, or anything. I was standing there waiting for her. I wanted to know if she was going to say something to me. but now thinking about it, I'm glad she didn't.  I think this could have been the day that I lost my job, if she did.