Monday, April 30, 2012

Still Funny

 Here is a very basic conversation that went from ok.. to horribly funny in about a minutes time.

Me: Pick up on A side

Driver: Marrrrrshsssa! (they always overly say my name)  Yes, pick up

Wait 10 minutes.....

Driver: Marrrrrrrrshsssa, you say A side?

Me: Yes, A side

Driver: A?

Me: Yes, A as in Apple

Me: A as in AIR that you breathe ( or wont be when I see you)

ME: A  as in ASS hat.

Driver:  Maarrrrrrrrsssha, It's me Leo ( Like I didn't know it was you?) did you say A side? It sounds like your saying A

Me: YES! AAAA  ---A  as in ORANGUTAN!!!!! ( Also said as a  mater of fact that I could never be wrong)

Blink.... Blink... 2 seconds for me to process what I just said

Oh, umm that starts with an O

Yes Leo A side, Please.

Baahhhwahhhhaaaahhhhhh we are still laughing about it a few days later. 

 Just proves that sometimes, even I make mistakes, but at least I am funny when I do it.