Sunday, February 15, 2009


Its Valentines Day here in america, and well that’s all wonderful and great for the people in love, it sucks for the people who have to “wait” on them.

Take the poor desk clerk who has to answer the 1000 calls and listen to you grope about not being able to grope your hunny, because you did not book a room a week ago. You (if you’re the hunny) did not have the one single most greatest idea ever on the plant this weekend, EVERYONE did(to get a room). It also happens to be a long weekend here in Florida because of Daytona 500, and presidents day,on Monday. So all the local Miami- Cubans, have come to the center of the most magical place and booked us full. All the drunken sports fans wives’ have crowded the hotels and taken there little ankle biters to the 2nd most crowded weekend at magical doo da land. I guess its part cabin fever, and everyone just gets away or something, but It annoys us … the desk clerks.

So, I am sorry You didnt realise they sold so fast? Well arent you special. and I mean back-of-the-short-bus special! Have there been any cancellations? Well, since I just told you we're sold out.... NO.

No, stop pestering me and begging me to "help a guy out, man." Since I have no rooms, I have nothing to offer. Expect the storage room, thats nice and romantic. Just get passed the smell of old beer, work your way passed the broken bottles to the back where we keep the rollaways and you're good! There isnt any TV, But im sure the sounds of other people making sweet love in the rooms beside you will be more than enough entertainment.

Seriously, I get calls for Vday rooms almost every 20 minutes.


If it is Saturday morning, and you havent booked a room, stay home please. Please don’t Come into my hotel , at 11pm begging me for a room. I don’t have anything! You, probably knew last night you needed a room, why not just call and make a reservation? Why not “jump” on expedia, hotel hotline, priceline, free rooms… what ever you choose and book a room? Why do people do ½ the things they do? I suppose it will always be a mystery.

Words of advice, BOOK A ROOM