Monday, November 21, 2011

Is getting to the right spot very hard?

Ok We would love to pick you us sir. What air line did you fly with? Yes sir I understand, but I need to know what side of the airport your on, we have 2. It's ok sir, no need to get angry, just answer what was your airline of choice? Yes, the AIRPLANE what was the name of the airplane. NO! it dosent have a specific name, its not a boat, Did you fly Southwest, or, Delta... OK great your on the B side, do you have our luggage?

Now that you have your belongings, Please Go one floor below, to GROUND TRANSPORTATION and exit the sliding glass doors to spot B3. B, as in Boy. Boy 3. NO not C, not COCOA, Not C as in CAT... B3 GROUND TRANS. B3. NOT C.

SIR, I need you to listen, becuase we are sending the van to pick you up. YES, the van is the shuttle. Now, please proceed to the elevator and go outside to B3. B3 BBBBBBBBBBB3. SIR, are you being serious, b and C do not sound alike. how about B as in Balloon? B as in BANANA"S(because thats what your making me.

‎45 minutes later, My driver found him on the A side, at Baggage claim. and check in lasted an hour and 12 minutes. SERIOUSLY.